Exploring the World of Endoscopy: A Closer Look at Minimally Invasive Miracles The field of medical science has witnessed tremendous advancements over the years, and one of the remarkable [...]

What is Stenting?

What is Stenting? Stenting is a medical procedure that involves the placement of a small, mesh-like tube called a stent into a blood vessel or duct within the body to help keep it open and [...]


Hepatitis, a multifaceted medical condition characterized by inflammation of the liver, remains a significant global health concern. The term “hepatitis” derives from the Greek words [...]

What are knee ligaments?

What are knee ligaments? There are 4 significant ligaments in the knee. Ligaments are elastic kind of tissue that interface with bones and give solidness and strength to the joint. The four [...]


Arthritis inflammation is an aggravation of the joints that might influence one joint or numerous joints. The side effects of joint pain generally foster over the long run, however they may [...]

Liver Health

What is liver diseases? Your liver is your body’s second-biggest organ. It sits simply under your ribcage on the right. The liver isolates nutrients from food and waste as they travel [...]


Lymphedema is a common condition that affects people who have infection (Example: filariasis) undergone surgery, particularly those who have had lymph nodes removed. It is characterized by [...]


What is enuresis? Enuresis is involuntary urination by children. Enuresis can also occur both during day and night. Most common problem in children is enuresis at night. Why do my child do bed [...]

What is Chemotherapy?

What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is one of the most suggested therapy techniques by specialists for Cancer patients. Patients with this sort of therapy are given medications to decrease the [...]

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity Should I worry about my child being overweight/obese? Studies show that excessive weight gain during the preschool years is a strong predictor of persistent obesity. The [...]


Having a baby is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a couple, but you might be feeling nervous as well, there are some health tips to help & guide you Before you get pregnant [...]


COVID VACCINATION FACTS 1. How does vaccine act? Vaccination is much safer way of producing antibodies by body without suffering from illness. We expose the body to weak form of virus or its [...]

Healthy life for over 60s

Healthy life for over 60s: What is health? Health is what includes physical and mental wellbeing. But is it that alone? As we get older, maintaining physical, mental along with social wellbeing [...]


SYMPTOMS OF CANCER: Firstly, let’s understand what cancer is. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. [...]