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Salem Luminous 2020 | #2: Education


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Education of a girl child is as important as a boy child

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Photography is an instrument that teaches how to see without camera

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When a kid aspires to study his parents believe that this investment will be the biggest asset to himself and his family.
Nothing better a father can give his son then EDUCATION.

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Books are the doors for education and knowledge. #book photography #B&W photography

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Her thirst for the knowledge is endless. Medical education leads to the betterment of the entire society. #reflection photography #B&W photography

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Childhood is the precious life to play,
Economy makes her to run in relay,
Siblings not her burden but,
Poverty is their burden!

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Majority of the population are still in search of education….

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All of life is a constant education.

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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all -ARISTOTLE

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Tamil education enlightens the world even at the darkest hour of night.

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Avoid using plastic bags atleast near wildlife and forest places.

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Not Everyone Is Lucky Enough To Be Educated…But If You Are One Among Them,Then Educate One…

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Creative Photography

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Every Child has a Dream to Become a something, Education is key to Become a something, Education is step to achieve success.

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Life of a poor girl who struggling for there studies.

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கல்விக்கண் திறக்க பார்வை ஒளி தேவை இல்லை

Location ; Tamilnadu blind Association

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#books #11thbook #english

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sports day

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