Urology Awareness Month – Kidney Check-up Camp

With September being the Urology Awareness Month, we at Shanmuga Hospital are launching an initiative for the people of Salem to check their urological health and get free consultation with our Senior Urologist, Dr P. Ramesh Ethiraj in this Urology Tests Camp.

The two major tests that we suggest to take in this camp are the Kidney function Test and Testing for Kidney Stone. These two tests are offered at a special price of Rs 600 and Rs 300 respectively along with free Doctor Consultation. Prostate tests for Men are also done here at a much lower price than before.

Other than these, various urological problems will be tested, diagnosed and treated at our hospital as requested by the patients.

  • Dr.P.Ramesh Ethiraj
    Dr.P.Ramesh Ethiraj MCH


Some of the common urological problems treated here include blood in urine, stone in urinary tube, all urinary disorders, Male Infertility and other sexual disorders. Being a Cancer speciality hospital, we also provide the extended treatment for Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer and other urologic cancers. Dr.Ramesh Ethiraj would advise the patients on maintaining the urinary system healthy besides food and lifestyle modifications required.

With Dr.Ramesh Ethiraj heading the Urology department, patients with acute urological issues are getting the best treatment over the years in Shanmuga Hospital, Salem. Through this special Urology Tests Camp we hope to reach out to many patients in and around Salem to help them regain their kidney health and lead a happy and healthy life.

Are you a prediabetic or diabetic? Do you have high blood pressure? Did you recover from Covid-19 recently?  Do you have any heart ailments? This Urology Tests camp would be specifically relevant for you.  Please visit Shanmuga Hospital after taking an appointment with Dr. Ramesh Ethiraj, our Senior Urologist.

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