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Understanding the fact and running with it.

The world is no more what it used to be. We may have to live our day-to-day lives with corona virus for months or years.

There is no point in denying it or getting panic over it. Also, it’s very important to accept the fact and live with it. Let’s not go negative and make our lives standstill. One day, we are going to come up with a solution. But until then, it’s our persistence that we should hold onto and wait while calmly doing our duties and carrying out our responsibilities.

Understanding the difference between PREVENTION and CURE.

Drinking cans of hot water will make us just go to the bathroom more number of times. It can be continued at correct level to maintain the hydration level. Taking vinegar, ginger and so on cannot help us in protecting the corona virus. These are for immunity not a cure.

If you’re or any of your home members are not affected by corona virus, it’s not necessary for you to disinfect house particles with chemicals. Just use soaps to wash hands regularly. Washing hands, wearing face masks and maintaining a two meter physical distance are the best methods for your protection.

Soaps? Well, you don’t need to use antibacterial soap. It’s sufficient to use normal soaps itself. We are fighting the virus. Not bacteria.

Taking hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin without Doctor Prescription is not a good idea to prevent coronavirus. These experimental drugs for corona virus should only be used in selected covid patients. They can sometimes cause some side effects to organs such as heart and lungs.

Understanding the stand of corona virus.

Additional information on what doesn’t cause corona virus spread is available. Research says that Cargo packages, gas pumps, shopping carts and ATM cards do not cause infection.

Also, there is no proof that covid19 spreads from the packaged food, or by ordering food home. The cases that we see in News and social media are about spread from the person who delivers. Not from the food which gets delivered. Corona is not a food borne infection like salmonella. We don’t have to worry about our food orders. It’s a flu that gets spread by droplet related things. There is no proven thing that corona is transmitted by food.

Understanding the weird symptom or effect of corona virus.

One of the most widely said (by the patients) and weird symptom or effect to the corona positive patient is, the person can temporarily lose his/her sense of smell. Even a bottle of anti-bacterial chemicals such as phenyl, harpic (which would pierce the nose with its strong odor) that we use for cleaning cannot be smelled by the Covid19 positive patient. But, remember, it’s temporary. The person will get back the sense of smell after some time. HOLD ONTO THE POSITIVE ENERGY.

Understanding the prevention methods, better.

Also, there is a great misconception now that once back at home, we should go shower and change our clothes. It’s not the factor. Our biggest return on investment right now is washing hands, wearing face masks and maintaining physical distance of minimum six feet, and avoiding large crowd.

Understanding the news, deeper.

Though news is speculating that Corona virus spread in air, there is no official statement from ICMR, India. As already said, Covid19 is droplet related infection like flu. Hence, there is no necessity to worry much about it. Let’s hopefully wait for the official confirmation from ICMR, India.

Understanding the nature.

The air is clean. And it needs humans. We can go out just keeping our protections on. We don’t need to mask our face all the time. It’s required only when there is a large crowd. Also, we have to keep in mind that wearing a mask for long time in a day interferes with our breathing and oxygen levels. Let’s wear it only in crowds. Wearing face shield is better alternate to wearing face masks. It protects eyes and nose also, doesn’t suffocate. Wearing gloves is also not a good option. The virus can accumulate into the glove and be easily transmitted if touch the face. Better wash hands regularly.

Understanding our own Immunity system.

Studies say that Immunity will greatly be weakened if we always stay in a closed and sterile environment. Apart from eating immunity boosting foods, we have to go out regularly to places that are less crowded. Keep in mind, IMMUNITY IS INCREASED BY EXPOSURE TO PATHOGENS, not by sitting at home and consuming fried, spicy, junk foods and aerated drinks.

Understanding the humanity and mankind.

Last but not the least, are you having a corona virus patient nearby? And are you taking every step to be away from them? You are doing something miserably wrong. Understand them. Understand their feelings. Had you been in their position, what would you have done if you were ignored? Talk to them over phone. Give some smiles, share some memories. They are to be kept alone not lonely. Humanity survives when this small mankind thrives. Show care and love.