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Don’t ignore the symptoms. Follow them:

If you are asked what the symptoms/signs of heart disease are, can you tell? It’s difficult right? Some heart conditions wouldn’t have any symptoms, and some might have symptoms that could be linked to other illnesses.

Some of the obvious symptoms of heart disease are chest pain and shortness of breath. Those are symptoms you should never ignore. In addition to those, regular dizziness, sweating and nausea are also some common signs of heart disease.

Often, many people don’t pay attention to these symptoms because they think it’s something less serious or a temporary illness.

It’s always best to get anything happening unusual to our bodies, checked out; especially, when some things as mentioned above happen.

Love veggies and fruits:

Keep a close look at what you’re eating. Is your plate full of fruit and veggies? Is it giving you protein or cholesterol? Is there too much fat on your food? These are the questions that must awake you in health or dietary light.

Eating more fruit and vegetables will make your heart not only healthy, but also happy. Your heart will start loving you once you give your body more of these healthy foods. Henceforth, whenever you go for shopping, make sure your trolley contains fruits and veggies.

When it comes to prepping meals, make sure the plate is made up mostly of vegetables. It’s equally instructed to all age groups, no matter what. Considering the time we live in, it is better to have healthy food from younger age itself.

Relax your works for personal relaxation:

Do you often feel like you’re pressurizing yourself for the works to be done? Do you rush hard to complete them? It’s normal to work harder for wealthy, rich life. But, it’s also important to take care of you to have a healthy life. Health should always stand first.

Kindly make sure you take time to relax and look after yourself too. The time you contribute for yourself, will greatly lead to strong mental health and a calm spirit for the next work to be done.

Set time to exercise:

The next important thing about keeping our heart healthy and happy is doing some exercise daily. It may be thirty minutes or one hour or even more. But exercising every day is all it takes for a healthy heart.

When you are stuck up with lots of work, take a break once in a while and do some walking: a walk towards a place nearby, a tread toward your lunch place, a leisurely walk during snacks break will be a fitness sauce to your hectic, work day. Women at home can practice this habit of walking to wherever they want to go nearby.

As already said, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on that. Even if it’s done in bits and pieces, it still counts.

Smoke off the thought of smoking:

Now that we’ve discussed the things we should add on to our daily routine, it’s time to discuss things that we must blow off from our mere thoughts. Smoking is definitely injurious to heart. And it’s difficult to quit all of a sudden (for chain-smokers, regular smokers).

But there is no other go. This needs to be stopped. Think of some other potential skills that you have and make up your mind and heart to focus on that. Spending more time on your passion might surely help you with eradicating this dangerous habit. It’s the best thing you can do for your heart.

Here are some facts that might inspire you to quit smoking

  • 20 minutes after smoking, your blood pressure starts to lower
  • 8 hours after smoking, your risk of heart attack starts to fall
  • 12 weeks after smoking, your heart pumps well

Get consulted if you’re disturbed:

Does your family have a history of heart disease? Do you feel like you are under the risk of getting a heart disease? Book an appointment with your doctor. Get consulted for a heart and diabetes check. They’ll check your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

You can ask about your risk factors and what you can do to change them if you have to. Though some can’t be changed, like your age, or family history, you can avoid it by having a prior consultation and special concentration on your health. Because, health is always important.