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Vaccinate, for a stronger immunity

The theme of this year has been ‘Immunity’. We are all trying to improve our immunity and stay healthy through various means. We have now understood that the only way to protect ourself from any disease is to have a strong immunity.

Vaccination immunizes your body and prevents it from getting infected. Vaccines have led to the eradication of a number of fatal diseases.

For a while now, we have all been eagerly waiting for the announcement on the corona virus vaccine, so that we can get back to our normal lives and not worry about the virus anymore.

Although a standard vaccine for corona virus hasn’t been established in India yet, there are vaccines that can help with boosting the immunity, thus reducing the chances of infection.

Such vaccines include the Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines, which are now available at Shanmuga Hospital, Salem.

The vaccines have been tested and proven to be effective in preventing viral infections. Studies conducted on the vaccines proved that they reduced the rates of infection and mortality due to COVID 19, by increasing the natural immunity of the body.

Prevention is better than cure. Protect yourself and your family through vaccination.

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Vaccine Actual Price Discounted Price
H1N1 Flu vaccine Rs.2000 Rs.1600
Pneumococcal vaccine Rs.2000 Rs.1600

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    H1N1 Flu vaccinePneumococcal vaccine


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